FAQ: Company View

Some commonly asked questions about Company Management in AvaCloud

  1. What is the Account Owner role?
    1. There is only ever one Account Owner.
    2. Account Owners can add and remove team members to their company
    3. Accounts owners can transfer the "Account Owner" role to other users.
  2. What is the User role?
    1. This role has general access as part of a company on AvaCloud
  3. What is the different between a User and Account Owner?
    1. Both Users and Account Owners have the same access with the one different that Account Owners can add/remove Users from the company. 
  4. How can I add team members to my company in AvaCloud?
    1. First, you must be on a paid plan with AvaCloud.
    2. After you are on a paid plan the Account Owner can navigate to Profile>Company and then click "Invite Team Member". This will trigger a pop up where the Account Owner can supply an email of the team member you wish to add. The team member will receive an email with an invite link which they can accept and register to AvaCloud.
  5. How long are invitations active?
    1. Invitations stay active for 7 days.
  6. How do when my team member has accepted an invitation?
    1. The "Status" field will move from "Pending" to "Active"
  7. What happens if the invitation expires?
    1. The pending invitation will disappear and the invited team member will no longer appear in the "Team Member" table.