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[Coming Soon] Interoperability Support for Testnets

AvaCloud adds support for Interoperability on Testnets (Fuji) to bring cross-chain applications to life.

What does this mean?

AvaCloud users can now set up Interoperability for their testnet Subnets. With this users will have the following deployed on their Subnet:

  1. Teleporter contracts (TeleporterMessenger and TeleporterRegistry)
  2. Interchain token transfer contract for an example token
  3. AWM Relayer 

Why is this important?

AvaCloud users can start to build cross-chain applications with all of the essentials tools needed. This means that users can add token bridges, fetch data from different subnet oracles, or move NFTs across chains just by adding their desired interchain application contract.

Who should use this?

This feature is available to any client looking to build out applications that require cross-chain activities and do not want to have to deal with running their own infrastructure. 

Any user who has a paid subscription with AvaCloud can set up Interoperability. If you don't have a paid subscription talk with our support team today.

How can you get started?

There are two ways to enable Interoperability on your custom blockchain:

  1. When setting up a new chain a user can enable the radio button for "Interoperability
  2. On an existing Subnet on testnet
    1. Click on "Interoperability"
    2. Click on "Setup"
    3. Then complete the steps to add Interoperability to your blockchain.



Building with Teleporter

Teleporter Repo

Interchain Token Transfer Repo