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Organization Management

AvaCloud makes it easy to give access to all team members within your company to help build your blockchain application.

What does this mean?

Users can now add team members to see the same instance of AvaCloud with our new Organization View within the portal. Account Owners can now add stakeholders within their organization to help manage their custom blockchains via the AvaCloud portal.

Why is this important?

Previously AvaCloud only allowed one user access for a set of custom blockchains. Now everyone at an organization can have access to view helpful resources, check on important metrics, configure services, and learn about essential products within AvaCloud. This will help organizations to speed up development timelines and reduce centralization of information.

Who can use this?

Any organization that has a paid subscription to AvaCloud will get access to the new Organization Management tool.

How should you get started?

If you already have a paid subscription, great! Click on "Profile" then "Organization" to start adding team members.


If you are not already on a paid plan email support so we can help you get started with a custom blockchain today!


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