What managed services does AvaCloud offer?

Managed Validator Nodes: AvaCloud takes the headache out of managing your blockchain’s validator nodes for testnet and mainnet. Our team can assist with deploying the network, automated software updates, guaranteed backups, security patching, and auto scaling. Additionally, AvaCloud also provides AVAX staking services to fund your subnet validators, so you can focus your resources on building your web3 application.

Block Explorer: The AvaCloud Explorer service allows a subnet to be accessed on subnets.avax.network. This is a dedicated explorer to track all activity on-chain in real time including advanced network performance metrics and stats for the subnet.

Glacier API: Glacier API provides Web 3 application developers with multi-chain data related to Avalanche’s primary network, Avalanche subnets, and Ethereum. With Glacier, you can easily build products that leverage real-time and historical transaction and transfer history, native and token balances, and various types of token metadata.

RPC Nodes: Avalanche RPC nodes provide secure, geographically distributed, and protected API endpoints you can use to interact with the Avalanche X/P/C chain.

Dedicated Nodes: Get access to the Avalanche C-Chain archive nodes to query the entire history of the C-Chain mainnet or Subnet.Other dedicated nodes options are available depending on the need and can be managed by the AvaCloud team.

Precompiles: Set of precompiled smart contracts that are built into the EVM to customize the setup of a Subnet.

Wallet Tools: Access C-Chain and P-Chain balances within wallet tools and swap between networks to perform the actions required to setup your own Subnet. Utilize a faucet on Testnet to recieve an airdrop of FUJI tokens, or a buy option through MoonPay and Coinbase to top off your AVAX balance.

Subnet Metrics: Once a user creates a Subnet on Testnet or Mainnet, they will be given free access to the Subnet Metrics dashboard that shows various statistics of their Subnet, such as total gas used, total number of transactions, and the like.


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